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School Tours to Russia

A school trip to Russia can provide the students, a unique opportunity to learn about its history and culture. Spanning over two continents and eleven time zones, the vast terrain of Russia boasts of some of the most scenic spots on the planet. Usually frequented by student groups are the two largest cities of Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Home to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, the St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and the Kremlin, Moscow is the capital of Russia. Initially, a serving capital of Imperial Russia, St. Petersburg, on the other hand featured great architecture and extensive art galleries. The best attractions here include the Divo Ostrov amusement park, Peterhof Palace and Garden, the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace.

Our Expertise

Our group started when our MD visited Russia as a student. For the same reason, student groups hold a special place in our hearts. The first group we catered to was in 1999 for GD Goenka. Our 20 years of experience in providing educational trips for students, to Russia, is an unrivaled competency which we have acquired over time, setting us apart from other service providers in the industry. We create itineraries to help expose the students to the rich culture, cuisine and the daily life in Russia, in a fun filled way.

A school trip to Russia is one which will leave the students with a lifetime of memories to cherish!

Excursions – A glimpse of our school tours to Russia

Museum of Cosmonautics

Fully dedicated to space exploration, the Museum of Cosmonautics in Russia is indeed a wonderful place to visit, for the students. It awakens awe and curiosity among them. Located in Moscow, it is a memorial museum which commemorates Russia’s achievements in the space race and the history of famous astronauts.



Matryoshka Doll Painting

What better way to learn about the culture of a place, than to get engaged in it? Doll painting has existed in the Russian culture for ages and students are taken for classes so that they get a closer touch point to the traditions.

Divo Ostrov

What is a student trip without some fun, right? Divo Ostrov stands proud as the largest and the most attractive amusement park in the area of St. Petersburg. A day packed with fun-filled rides and lots of laughter awaits the students here!
Divo Ostrov

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre

Do you have a group of students highly interested in space research? Well, let’s spike their curiosity at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Moscow. This Russian training facility trains cosmonauts for their space excursions and will surely enlighten the students further about space travel.

Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre


Mosfilm Movie Studio

This is among the oldest and the largest Russian Federations. Students get acquainted with the nitty gritty of film making like the costume, props, sets and the cast.

Mosfilm Movie Studio1












Museum of Paleontology

The fossils are where we find the evidence for life before us. We’re sure the students would love a trip back into the ages when we didn’t even exist.

Museum of Paleontology

Health and Safety

Our commitment is to provide the highest possible standards for safety and health of the students. Hence, we engage only with the hotels which have undergone the necessary safety checks – a crucial element for our school tours to Russia.

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