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August 2019

The Neva River, Winters in St.Petersburg
Winters in St.peterburgs, St.peterburgs in winter


WINTERS IN ST.PETERSBURG RUSSIA (Successful winter travel is all about successful navigation of stormy weather) Winters in St.Petersburg can be defined with three words- Dark,Icy & Cold. If you are planning to Winters in St.peterburgs Russia, be prepared to a deal with the temperature in St.Petersburg, city covered by a lot of snow and [...]

February 2019

student group Russia visit

Student Group

School Tours to Russia A school trip to Russia can provide the students, a unique opportunity to learn about its history and culture. Spanning over two continents and eleven time zones, the vast terrain of Russia boasts of some of the most scenic spots on the planet. Usually frequented by [...]

December 2018

Moscow Metro Ride

Moscow Metro- Ride which was nostalgic !

First time I entered in Moscow metro in the month of November, 1991, I had travelled after my student days (since 1991-1998) in Moscow Metro Network rarely, but last week my experience was amazing when I explored changes in metro which changed my whole perception and I would like [...]

October 2018

Celebrate New Year in Russia


If you, like us leave your New Year’s Eve plans until the very last minute and subject yourself to a host of pre-celebratory anxiety. What should you wear? Where should you visit? Just how many resolutions do you set for yourself? What’s the solution I hear you wondering, well that [...]

July 2018

Happylon Moscow

10 Activities on Adventure Travel Packages in Russia

This article is here to save the day. Are you confused on what to do with your children when you travel from India to Russia for our adventure packages? Worry not, this will give you some ideas what to do with your children while enjoying the luxury travel package [...]

Russia Holiday destination


St Petersburg has got the mind of the people of Indians at heart for being one of their best patronizes. As a result of this, St.Petersburg has some wonderful packages for those traveling to Russia from India. It is sight eyes have never beheld that will leave your mouth [...]

May 2018

Russia Tourist attraction

Best Russian Tourist Attractions For Indians

Having a trip from India to Russia is one of the best adventures you can gift yourself as a human. Russia is a place with best packages which will make your travel from India tour-worthwhile. The beautiful city gives you st. Petersburg Russia tours and trans Siberian railway tours [...]

The Best Shopping in Moscow

The Best Shopping in Moscow-Russia

Moscow is not just all unique architecture and bubbling nightlife. Thousands of people visit Russia from India. A quick tourist shopping would leave you surprised at the cheap prices of trendy commodities (mainly because of the fall of the Ruble against foreign currencies). Here are a few tips to [...]

April 2018

March 2018

fifa 2018 russia

Best Time to Travel to Russia amid 2018 FIFA World Cup

As the opening day of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia approaches, it's vital to have a daily agenda for the cities hosting the championships. Today, we begin with Russia's capital, which dependably has had much to offer visitors from India and the world at large, and 2018 is no [...]