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June 2016

Moscow Metro: Underground Monument of Architecture

The Moscow Metro, in itself is a spectacle to experience. The busiest metro system outside Asia and the 5th longest in the world, the Moscow Metro boasts of its cultural extravagance and timely arrivals. It is a state owned public transport system with an average of over 7 million [...]


A large part of our experience in a foreign country is affected by the accommodation we pick and the adequacy of the services and facilities provided to us. So it is safe to say that the stay makes or breaks a trip. For your visit to Russia from India [...]

The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg

Sun kissed days and illuminated nights. Wait for the dark and you will be waiting for a long time. The sun never sleeps in the summer! I experienced the dead of the night like never before in the cultural capital of Russia: St. Petersburg during my   trip to Russia [...]


Museums are known as the windows of the world of culture and history and rightly so because a museum is a place where immeasurable knowledge can be extracted from a single four-walled structure. They are used as a source of imparting knowledge to the community about the heritage of [...]

And This Is My Moscow

Author: Deepak Acharya Rainy weather and cloudy skies gave a cold welcome to me upon my arrival in Moscow. But that did not dampen my spirit to explore this historic city. In just three days, I managed to cover a number of famous spots, including iconic Red Square. Stunning architecture and [...]