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April 2018

March 2018

Best Time to Travel to Russia amid 2018 FIFA World Cup

As the opening day of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia approaches, it's vital to have a daily agenda for the cities hosting the championships. Today, we begin with Russia's capital, which dependably has had much to offer visitors from India and the world at large, and 2018 is no [...]

August 2016

Russia- Honeymoon destination

In 2013, St. Petersburg became one of the top twenty tourist destinations and most exotic holiday destination in Europe   as per many travel sites it is known as the most romantic city in Russia and continues to be picked as a honeymoon destination by tourists from around the world. [...]


Bollywood has had an impact on Russia since decades now. It was in the 20th century that Bollywood rose to popularity in the Soviet partly because of their common struggle against colonialism and Bollywood movies based on this issue brought the two nations together through cinema. Subsequently, the demand [...]

Moscow-The Shopping Paradise

Shopping is a compulsory check off your checklist while on a holiday and fortunately Russia serves as one of the best shopping destinations in the world. From high-end brands to cheap souvenirs to global fast food chains, Russia has everything in abundance ready for you. Moreover, the currency exchange [...]

July 2016

Found My Love 3000 Miles Away

If someone were to tell me my entire life was going to change in a single trip to a foreign country, I would think they are insane. If I were to tell you that my life actually took a turn in the right direction when I landed in Russia, [...]

Which Souvenirs to Bring from Russia?

Russia, being one of the best holiday destinations  in the world, gets a large number of tourists from all over the world throughout the year. To make one’s visit to Russia immortal, taking home souvenirs is a must. I made sure to collect lots of those from vendors and [...]

June 2016

Moscow Metro: Underground Monument of Architecture

The Moscow Metro, in itself is a spectacle to experience. The busiest metro system outside Asia and the 5th longest in the world, the Moscow Metro boasts of its cultural extravagance and timely arrivals. It is a state owned public transport system with an average of over 7 million [...]


A large part of our experience in a foreign country is affected by the accommodation we pick and the adequacy of the services and facilities provided to us. So it is safe to say that the stay makes or breaks a trip. For your visit to Russia from India [...]

The White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg

Sun kissed days and illuminated nights. Wait for the dark and you will be waiting for a long time. The sun never sleeps in the summer! I experienced the dead of the night like never before in the cultural capital of Russia: St. Petersburg during my   trip to Russia [...]