Enjoy St. Petersburg like a local: Tips for the first 6 months of the year

Have you ever considered finding your way down to St. Petersburg Russia? Or you plan to visit Russia from India. Whichever it is you’ve got planned, we got you covered. A trip to Russia from India or anywhere else in the world is worth it, and we will show you in this exciting article. I’m so thrilled already! Check out fun things and places to visit to enjoy St. Petersburg like a local.

Visit the Hermitage Museum in January













Perfect place to spend your January to behold the beauty of the Winter Palace and its imperial state rooms, its countless number of paintings and exhibits as they host an exhibition annually throughout January.

Ski the Leningrad Region in February Ski petersburg













Get ready to shake off that cold and sweat a little. There are several exotic places you can visit in St. Petersburg in February like the well-known Zelenogorsk for the best cross-country skiing experience ever. At this time, canals and lakes also get frozen and those who are bold enough can ice skate or walk on them.

Visit Peter and Paul Fortress in Marchpeter_and_paul_fortress 












Wouldn’t it be exciting to see face to face the first structure that was put up in St. Petersburg? Come behold the world famous St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the iconic St. Petersburg Museum of history, and its riverside beach for an “out of this world” sunbathing experience.

Eat Koryushka in April koryushka











There is even a special fish meant for you alone in spring: K oryushka or s melt . Popularly known for its cucumber-like smell. There won’t be any need to stress to get this fish as it is known to flood the streets of St. Petersburg every spring. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this in April.

Take Exciting Pictures in May  petersburg_visit russia














This is the perfect time to get your shoulder popped out of its joint. There are just so many tourists during this period that I see no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them. Countless attractive places and events that would make great memorable pictures.

Never Miss the White Nights in June 














Indeed it is a terrible, terrible idea for anyone to miss this awesome and shiny period in St. Petersburg. When the tree parks are flowering radiantly and the sun never fully sets. Wonder around joyously and find your way to the summer garden where you can sunbath by the Neva, watch the Neva bridges open, or simply stay up all night and stare at the beautiful stars of the white night.

With these 6 options the first half of your year is bound to be filled with fun. Our St. Petersburg Russia package holidays is extremely affordable to meet your budget. Contact us now!

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