Museums are known as the windows of the world of culture and history and rightly so because a museum is a place where immeasurable knowledge can be extracted from a single four-walled structure. They are used as a source of imparting knowledge to the community about the heritage of [...]

And This Is My Moscow

Author: Deepak Acharya Rainy weather and cloudy skies gave a cold welcome to me upon my arrival in Moscow. But that did not dampen my spirit to explore this historic city. In just three days, I managed to cover a number of famous spots, including iconic Red Square. Stunning architecture and [...]

My Experiences to Visit in Russia from India

I will always keep saying that spontaneous trip is an exciting adventure. That is what I had last summer- my first trip to Russia from India.  A friend of mine offered me to spend 3 month with him in a camp on the outskirts of Tver –near Seliger lake [...]

Beauty Of Sokolniki Park

Moscow is home to some magnificent parks and Sokolniki is one of them. Situated in the Sokolinki District of Moscow, the park comes alive with numerous fast food stalls and playgrounds for kids. I was lucky to discover the park as it is just next to Holiday Inn Sokolinki [...]

Russia Travel Experience

Before plan your   trip to Russia from India, you need to get acquaintance with the main rules and specific cultural ways of behavior. Below you are to find some useful trips for travelling in Russia. 1-Weather peculiarities During winter season it’s necessary to wear warm shoes with good traction, because it [...]

My trip to Russia and how to get your Russian visa

After my trip to Russia from India I’ve understood the meaning: “A traveler without observation is a bird without wings”. Every city I’ve travelled to, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, I’ve got new experience! A new place is oversaturated with unexplored smells, tastes, colors and sounds, and [...]

A Truly Life Changing Experience in Russia

When you travel alone to another country with absolutely different culture and world understanding you should be ready to face difficulties. My TRIP TO RUSSIA FROM INDIA was exciting and full of unexpectedly positive emotions. More I can add, that MICE TRAVEL COMPANIES IN DELHI provided me with all [...]

First Impressions: An Indian in St. Petersburg

When I say that Russia is a place to see during winter, they say :”Too cold, windy,etc.” RUSSIA TOUR OPERATOR IN INDIA "proposed me a February trip to Saint-Petersburg last year. Honestly, there are some fine reasons to visit Saint-Petersburg this time. First of all, low tourist season reduces the price [...]

Tips for Travelling to Russia

Are you one of those ardent travelers who have been intrigued with Russia long enough and can’t wait any longer to unravel its enigmatic charm? Well then we say it’s time to plan your trip to the land of ballet, circus, Vodka and more. Even more so because Indians are much [...]