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Found My Love 3000 Miles Away

If someone were to tell me my entire life was going to change in a single trip to a foreign country, I would think they are insane. If I were to tell you that my life actually took a turn in the right direction when I landed in Russia, you won’t probably believe me either. But this amazing thing did happen to me and I am yet to come to terms with it.


I met my Soul Mate half a world away in Russia and I can’t thank Visit Russia enough for making this happen for me. She was born and brought up in Russia and there I was, a simple Gujrati boy at once smitten by the way she described her country and all the wonders it enclosed. In appearance as well, she was as beautiful as Russia was picturesque and I can’t possibly take both off my mind for a long, long while. When we met during the White Nights in St. Petersburg, it was like magic happening to both of us and fate finally doing its work. She was the one for me and we decided to turn our Russian holiday into a big fat wedding! I couldn’t just leave her and also my entire family was elated at the thought of my wedding.


So I contacted Visit Russia regarding the wedding and they were very supportive and agreed to help us make all the arrangements for us within the few days we had. It was an unforgettable day and a spectacular wedding in the most amazing country in the world. The way Russia brought together two people with poles apart cultures and nationalities will always sound like a dream to me. Our next challenge: bringing her home. Visit Russia handled the formalities and simplified the procedure manifold by getting her an Indian visa. I had to document my gratitude for them, for giving me the opportunity to explore Russia and the marvels that came along with it. This trip to Russia will forever be the highlight of my life.


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